Snatch Strap 12,000kg
Snatch Strap 12,000kg reinforced eye

Snatch Strap 12,000kg

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Product Description

Snatch straps are an essential part of 4WD recovery and are a must have for every four-wheel-driver. Carrying these items whilst 4WDing will give you extra peace of mind – even if you can’t extract yourself from a tricky situation, a fellow 4WDer will probably be able to help out if you have the right equipment.

The combination of vehicle pull and the tension in the strap creates a ‘snatching’ effect that can pull a stranded vehicle free from being bogged.

Don’t for a second think all snatch straps are created equally – nothing compares with HULK 4×4. HULK 4×4 snatch straps are heavy duty and ruggedly built for use by Australian 4WDs in our harsh Australian landscape. HULK 4×4 snatch straps are stronger, wider and look better! You won’t find a 85mm wide strap rated at this strength for this price anywhere else.

HULK 4×4 snatch straps are also colour coded for easy identification when looking for a strap in the back of your 4WD or when it’s lying on the ground covered in mud. The colours are also highly visual for safety precautions.

Guidelines for safe use of vehicle recovery straps (snatch straps) are included.

Click here to view our product guidelines.

Colour Green
Min. Breaking Strength 12,000kg
Length 8m
Width 85mm
Stretch Genuine 20%
Material 100% Nylon webbing
Reinforced Eyes Yes
Weight 2kg


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